Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Fill in Time while Age Whittles and Laughs

Birds of Space display for my Tiny Titles available this Sunday at Kraftbomb

     This iMovie on youtube illustrates a poem shown on the youtube site and also, below.

blacked photos and our kept meet to hold fast

where my slow places of think thunk swirl their chocolate
blue background for hermit shells and play pearls
the deal colours of a hope I had or could clasp
dancing Pasifika by the neighbourhood lake for wings
arrived home to winter lost photographs and silence
a troll under a Seattle bridge almost forewarned me
that look I give you acknowledges delightful (gratis)
birds of space protect me from ever losing this game

broken glass confetti Tamaki Makaurau Auckland city
married to a frontier and various renegade positions
but we stepped through a time by a passionate map
changing form sigh-seeing lovers beside and oblivious
messages from a need for distance where I'm unlocking
bundles of debris turned entertainment or charm
an Easter box sent to me in Chicago by a lovely woman
kinder gestures open the fist of us to wave

late sunshine drenches Grey Lynn from the Waitakeries
Zeitgeist cafe where I once loitered with sense and blurt
the distraction of retro wallpaper could cause love affairs
remind some to fly-travel-manifest (she stamps her foot)
and a bookshop indian could speak at an angle wary
photographs and covers where otter minds submerge
o this boost I dally with as if I have an answer
when nothing saved me at the same time something struck

a gothic house shot from the train on the way to New York
they hold spare gloom for your darker costumes or seeds
those big old ships in the news with childhood attachments
we've sailed on them to pass every time a promise threatens
off in different directions to maintain dignity like exiled royals
or someone shabby who still wears excellent shoes
fancy dressing tables convince people of evening and elevation
scenery could write you into this mirror if I played the song

while waterlily gardens provide a kindness of rolling grass
swish ponds and tip tap bridges refuse to permit desperation
the net curtains of the motel before my mother's funeral
memories do this they're beyond anything easy and build
where textured glass could've featured any glowment for privacy
but a painted concrete block wall in sunlight has true beauty
as lovely as smiles you couldn't hide and those mixed-up words
the town hall stairs remind me I'd prefer something traditional

some days when I forget who we are and where we've been
since my heart balloons celebrations instead of life preservers
a blur road to where my mother used to live smudges meaning
going to discover if we're able to welcome decency like a story
fit into it as easily as any writing once we know the language
my open books show two pages at a time or illustrations of vehicles
your reactions hidden to seduce Lady Luck then keep her wishing
we're the magical children of darkness with these rushes of light

when I believe I may draw you onto this page a warmth bulges
then birds tell inclinations with attentions as if they're servants
using my memory every evening I place you beside me to sleep
old friends and battlers in the trench of a campaign to hold territory
recognition of cleverness as instant as a fashionista's cataloguing
we've always loved each others daring and material understanding
is that it? have I found the key? could we be someone good now?
this paper love affair and our beat-up messages bouncing off satellites

Huia Beach - Aotearoa New Zealand May 2012

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