Monday, August 20, 2012

Seed Bombs

these seedbombs grow what is pictured and the link for them is mentioned below

In some ways language is like a seed bomb, if it's used in most artful ways. Ideas all rolled in with something fertile and potent, ready to sprout in places where the words land.

Now I'm back from my wondrous trip to see my friends overseas, who I'd never met before face-to-face and who now wish lived much closer, I've had to find new ways to entertain myself, (apart from trying to convince them to visit me). Guerrilla gardening could be one avenue to try.   There are seed bomb recipes and links there, ways of sprouting greenery, flowers and loveliness on disused or public land.

In New Zealand we frown upon smuggling in seeds and have to be careful of muddy boots tracking diseases from overseas, our agriculture and native flora and fauna deserve protection. I suggest researching the best seeds to plant using this seed bomb method, world-wide being aware of where eco-systems require careful monitoring. 

Ideas however, are we still permitted to import those wherever we like to some extent? The restrictions in some places can appear ridiculous, certainly. Pussy Riot jailed for making a punk prayer in a church, for instance. Jesus Christ would disapprove of their being in jail if you ask me. Anyone at all is allowed to pray to Christ and in any way they wish, that was one of his main messages, His availability and really, openness. Kindness to others is paramount, so is transformation through healing and the power of His teachings.

How can those responsible for this travesty be so openly hypocritical? I have to wonder at their appalling corruption. Perhaps they're not people any more but some kind of raw material like dirt?  Is that what happens when rulers and church heirachy are so ruined by the power they wield, (always hiding itself from them), they kind of rot and turn to slime?  What then do we plant in their darkness and murk?  Our ideas need to be readied like seeds and hurled into space across the world of the internet, thrown into music and paintings, chanted, worn, drawn and danced.

When ruination spreads the only answer is to get planting.

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I'm also working on a recipe book, it's called Staples, (thanks to, Shelley Trueman for the name), and includes lots of the basic, delicious things I like to cook, often from scratch. People loved my descriptions on facebook, or faceberk as I affectionately call it and James George suggested I create a book of the actual recipes. Kia ora, thanks to him too.

I'm also including some poetry about food, friends and love, and a few household tips, like cleaning with white vinegar and baking soda, much healthier and cheaper than some other options. Shall keep you posted. It'll be only $10- and could be an ebook as well, at an even lower price.

my Blue Haven home-made plum preserves - the plum tree in blossom again now - spring is almost here


  1. This sounds like a great idea for a book.

  2. O thanks Joanne, I have finished writing it and am editing Staples now. I hope to have it out by the end of November. Time is pretty tight lately however, so we shall see.

  3. In case people are wondering who 'waywin' is, or why I also use that moniker, that's how my grandchildren say my name. I have a craft blog too which is under that name

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