Friday, October 26, 2012

Moppy at Golden Dawn, and Waywin

Love is the Drug playing between


at The Golden Dawn Friday night

classic time travel

Long Island Iced Tea for Gen

G & T for me

Nooves in Viv Westwood shoes and poetry lipstick

Moppy in the best tux style council get-up evah

Kanooa has a pirate French look going on

we wait for Sans on red cast iron chairs

she wants some notebooks

crush bang yeeaah

dit dit dit



Moppy's MP3 for free here  

Also, this Sunday Waywin is at Kraftbomb

These are new Lyrical Brooches, and Waywin also has some new Tiny Titles. These are only available from Kraftbomb or if you know Waywin personally, at present. The articles need to be seen, held and admired, Waywin thinks, and talking with the crafter really does enrich the whole experience.

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