Friday, November 30, 2012

so lucky

After a faceberk discussion with artist Tracey Tawhiao about labels people like to give us, (in Los Angeles she's called a semi-B List Celebrity), and how we may take on language which others offer or say, so it can make our reality to some extent, I decided to go out with some labels around my neck made of brown paper on a string. Every time someone defined me or what I had to do, I would write it down and then add a random phrase after it, whatever picture popped into my mind after I'd written the 'label' down. They are written below in no particular order -  this method of writing I believe undoes a great deal of stress and complication, by making it clear I do often have my own mind in any reasonable situation, if I care to find myself, even if I'm persuaded or convinced to do something by another.

It also raised the question about how difficult this would be to carry out if the context was quite different to simply visiting the tertiary institution where I obtained my degree, for a party. Any large gathering is stressful for me but I trained to be a performer, (actor, public speaker and dancer), since I was four years old, so I can do exercises to calm myself and also, UNITEC is well known to me.  I love it there in fact. One of the best places to study in the whole country if not the world.  The School of Communication were having their celebrations in the same room as landscape gardeners, so floating plants featured beside the stage, all flowing in beautifully with my trees for travel promotions. (I have a Bachelor of International Communication).

Here is the poem which resulted from my label collecting, then adding random phrases afterwards.

The photographs which follow are from the UNITEC Gradfest, if you want to go see the exhibitions some are still running this week I believe.


we're so lucky in New Zealand
the swamp monster lives

you go straight to the left
charm bracelet is optional

we're the second carpark
this is pudding

you did poetry readings
best get bread

we are the dark horses
surf blue - umbrellas pink and white

Building One through Gate One, UNITEC is enormous and was once a psychiatric hospital. I used to joke I managed to stay out of those but ended up going to one for an education anyway. It's lovely, gorgeous grounds and lots of parking, excellent teaching and a fine surrounding suburb, low key.

School of Communication address, the MCs sang, danced, did stand-up and all the paper birds arrived to watch

DRAADSITTER - artist who did the work above this notice

If you'd like to know more about the artist I mentioned in the first paragraph here is one of her websites -

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