Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lies and Phrases

"If living in the past sounds fraudulent, try living in the 

future." - Ian Wedde

 Sometimes we say things meant to be amusing, like "we are

living in the future." The future after all keeps apparently 

arriving in the present, and turning into that, we could say. 

But then too we do always have only the present - to be 

pedantic about this matter.

Everything else is imagination or memory. Everyday life is 

nevertheless made up of the present, and memories, and 

and imagination. So our consciousness has an awareness of a 

kind of expansion of presence and possibilities.

The theatre surely demonstrates how we may create a world 

within a neighbourhood not like the play-world evoked. Any

audience willing suspends disbelief, and then countless 

possibilities are easier to accomplish.

Mumbai Monologues at TAPAC, so well attended with an 

attentive crowd. A busy city I have never visited appeared 

by magical theatric means, on the three stages in the 

extraordinarily pleasant cabaret-style theatre. I felt I was 

living in various new dimensions. Actors performed in the 

audience too.

The play made me sigh, gasp, cry and laugh, I exclaimed a 

few times, indeed. The music and especially the singing 

sounded extraordinary. I'd love to buy a CD of the entire

play as a recording, music, voices and all.

Excellent production.

We both hoped that the performance has a repeat season 



Beforehand, my friend and I discussed the TAPAC theatre.

We've seen some fine performances there. We also

wondered how the place could attract big crowds all the 

time. (The Mumbai Monologues certainly had a swag of 

people, but not every show is so well attended). 

Love the dramatic velvet drapes in the foyer, and the 

standard lamp, a long cream shade in the corner. Also the 

corrugated iron effect is amusing to a degree. Then we 

thought - why not bump up the irony and contrast?

Due to both of us having an interest in decor, we re-designed 

the foyer a little. Less school-ish, more dramatic, we thought. 

My friend has qualifications re property and a life-long 

interest in architecture, he's got quite a clever eye for detail.

I'm a writer and artist, and was a fashion designer for fifteen 

years. My degree in international communication also helps 

plan such things as interior decor. What message does the

theatre want to send here?

The bar for instance we thought needed a bit of schjuzzing 

up. It looks too utilitarian. Some kind of fancy grill across 

the top maybe and a more glamorous drop from the bar 

itself. The carpet could be dyed darker too. Then we thought

foyer music was played over a rather weak sound system. It'd 

be better with something more pleasing to the ear.

Only a few extra little touches like that could make the place 

even more appealing. Be good to see some sparkle.

Lovely staff, excellent shows, tons of parking, TAPAC's great.

Just be fun to see it grow and change, improve a little.


And the future? Oh it's a vision, a desire, a hope, sometimes 

we think and feel as if we're already living in times to come,

don't we? Perhaps more kindness to ourselves and others

could make this idea acceptable, giving the true pleasure such

experiences may seem to be a welcome dimension of 

acceptance. Make-believe - it's vital.

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