Friday, March 14, 2014

Garbage Warrior


Chatting with Lucy*Mae in her Grey Lynn shop the other day, I was informed about this Garbage Warrior, Michael Reynolds. So I googled and found he's created buildings and a community of some astoundingness. (Yes, I make up words). So, from this film link shown waaay below, I gathered these things.

"...progress evolves by making mistakes...."

People could abandon cities, only going back to the cities to mine them for materials, (he says 'goods', and rubbish is goods if you use it well).

What do we have an abundance of in the developed world? Tyres. Useful for building. An entire wall from just dirt, a shovel and tyres. The mass created in those tyres holds warmth in winter, it also repels sun in summer.

They have lived in this place where it can get to 30 degrees F below zero, but they have no need for a heating system. The buildings they've made create places that are warm and dry, within themselves, or cool in summer, whatever is needed, happens.

"You can get up in the morning, and you can own your life."

Well worth watching this. It's a full-length documentary. Please click on this link below.


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