Saturday, August 29, 2015

Zinefest Tamaki Makaurau Auckland

Curious, funny, serious, arty, wild, polished, rough, and everything-else-too zines, they appeared with attendant makers and customers, browsers and questioners. The buzz of noise in that old church hall under the Methodist place in Pitt Street was overwhelming at times, people talking.

Geneva made a folded zine based on a defaced Rupert colouring-in book, given to her as a child by her Gran. It includes amusing captions invented for some images during her growing up. 

She called it a tribute to her loss of innocence. Ruderp's adventures in irreverent-land. Complete with its own envelope.

I'd made a zine with my dear friend Chris Knox. Over about a week we patriarched-up a Schoolgirl Annual from 1962, (that was falling apart). The blonde smiler on the cover now has a crown attached to her pink headband.  The spikes are all long pieces of various machinery. Focused work that took us hours, but amusing too.

Printing proved the greatest ordeal, due to the print place needing more staff, really. Once the best print place around here, but now Warehouse Stationery St Lukes is an ordeal of waiting and waiting, then staff simply not being able to do things, or doing them incorrectly. It seems they have too much to do at once, and some lack proper training, from my expert observation. 

I suggested they get more staff, but apparently the owners only consider a new computer's needed. I wish vainly for the efficient place it used to be, that's all. It took two days, and about two hours each time, to get merely 30 odd pages printed, and stapled, and a colour cover printed, just ten copies, seems crazy time to me. I also had to go back four times due to various errors made by various staff members. They're great people and do their best but honestly, they need more staff working there.

Colouring in pages I've drawn over the last six months or so, were sold in folders, (they're above to the right of the zine Chrx and I made). Colour in then use as a poster, wrapping paper, or give to someone as a gift.

We also displayed other Waywin Craft wares, all literary crafts, some include poetry, others are notebooks and daydream books, with some pictures on the pages. 

Geneva's phone has its own rubber-encased speaker, to play tunes from the misty frequencies. No wires. Ahhh modern life.

Made friends with a young artist next to us, Abee, From Hamilton, and quite a startling talent. The Free Western Papua patches were a lovely giveaway on her table, too.

Zine makers set up all around. We also admired some excellent outfits, or stylish under-stated looks, and quite a few flamboyant creatures too.

Be great to get along there next year as well. Zinefest has a making day that's free, they also provide an opening party, and a closing party, plus the enormous market event itself. Thanks to all the organisers.

Read read read....

You're welcome to come to my house and see the merchandise shown here, I'm in Grey Lynn, email raewynalexander [at] hotmail dot com. Or find Waywin Craft on facebook, or here


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