Saturday, October 24, 2015

Re-planting the Tropics - Tree Sisters

We love to holiday in places unlike where we live, somewhere warmer, more intriguing... but some of those warm, pleasant locales have serious weather issues at times. Look at the cyclone about to hit Mexico. Part of the reason that some countries around the equator are undeveloped is due to their difficult weather. The frequent storms, tsunami, and earthquakes there often wreck buildings, roads, and more, making it hard to create a stable environment and economy.

Deforestation also occurs there at an alarming rate due to a reliance on subsistence farming and primary production. Those trees are needed however for the weather to be more stable, for the land to stay where it is too, (trees help stop erosion), and to provide all the wonderful things trees do give us, like oxygen.

Without trees human beings would not exist. We need that oxygen they produce, we need them absorbing carbon, too.

Tourists love to spend on treats for themselves, but what say you added a little extra to that budget and helped make those regions more stable and productive?

Already this group has planted over 20,000 trees in the tropics. What say you assist them?

"TreeSisters is practical, soulful and needed. We’re ready. 

With your help we can get this website built over the winter and 
launch in the spring with our first major tree campaign 
to take tree-planting to scale.

We can do this with your help.

Please step in now, with as much generosity makes your heart 

And then send this to as many people as you know with our 
sincere gratitude. Thank you so much for helping this dream come 

- - -

Also, in your own country plant trees wherever possible to replace
the enormous amount of trees human beings have removed for 
various reasons.

Trees produce oxygen we need to breathe, they also stabilise land, 
provide food, fuel, shelter, and products which assist us to live 
Trees are also beautiful, and make people feel happy and relaxed to 
be near them.

Plant trees, plant them properly, plant them widely and wisely, 
make the future a better place.

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