Tuesday, March 27, 2012

inspired by friendship - (for Amy and Dean)

27 March 2012

The Sainted Ties of Seattle

a populated slate room of sorting out
wishes a corner we work towards
or the triangular shaving broken from a pencil
two sketchbook corners given away
and my waking at 1.25am a key for blot architecture

near mountains closed with snow
many splendoured arrived slowly this time
the way concrete pours
or a stone's marked then sliced from a hillside
could say more but this is on

later or even while
someone cut one down with the alms of their handcraft
lipstick kisses on Jimi's granite relief portrait
a woman wandering for nothing bad
her woven steps as invisible as ribbon water

waiting with a throat of words
how to sing this without percussion?
no need to listen with that sky in any case
blue and white nonsense with pink for blackberry
stained feet - do shoes protect?

kitten stories while the road keeps us running by
boisterous daffodils and a reach of white tulips
we rode the gravel of talk
under a motorway where earth eyes one hubcap
button for the scent future

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