Saturday, March 31, 2012

lovely neighbourhood - Davenport in Bettendorf Iowa

difficult to say the obvious strange things

imagine these words are not in English
spoken by people at neighbouring tables
they speak audibly
and yet you understand and accept
to ignore them
even if they speak directly about something you love
or know
why the wind blows

this is what a list makes -
pretense shields
needlework subjects
battles to save what we imagine
lovely skin and a kiss
old age

we burn and everyone else notices
no one offers to throw on water or sand
until we laugh

halfway across the new world
a weight of voices in the tumbled clouds
other places I'm going yet
reputations and expectations are security guards
they've moats of messages

tell nobody your secrets
keep privacy like a holy garden
believe me 
I am nobody who wants to prune
nor to listen to the rustling

I'm a pottery urn
the light from under a door
and somebody else's mother
stop making me 

terrified of my own tears
someone warned me I could drown in hot air
adjusted to this latest restriction
the theatre of conversation closed down for summer
people send out blossoms in funny stories
and we'd never walk upon them
too dangerous to even imagine

a small wooden box of cards instead
we play for points
add them onto the age we went through 
growing into ancient children
in public like a song title
so now we sing a two 
                            or three or more part piece
each with different words
both as true as ever was possible before
made new by travel 

everywhere I run
across the walls
my arms stretched out for the centre
wishing I could hold 
you close to my shoulder
spooned on my back
listening to your smile

                                                           --- written on the hill overlooking picturesque Davenport

Wish I could spend a longer time everywhere I have been so far, and cry with joy whenever I think about how kind and generous everyone has been, including with their criticisms and warnings, their concerns and bewilderment. I sometimes make so little sense I also alarm myself so please forgive me, it really is culture shock and some sense of needing to attempt to communicate anyway. But I may be over the worst of it now.

I heard a woodpecker yesterday. There are many trees here. I may be buying even more trees for South Australia when I get back, than I believed I would. They do need them. Everywhere needs trees, please plant one if you like this blog and send me a picture of it or write about it and send a link. The world has half the trees it did when homo sapiens arrived from evolution. Now, more trees planted correctly, (seek professional advice) could keep this Earth safe for people and other natural life we depend on and love, or co-habit the environs with, everywhere.

This country so enormous and different to what I'm used to, I'm grateful I've had the chance to find out a little more about it.


Thanks for reading and all comments welcome here or on faceberk. I honestly need all the help such as messages of support that I can get now, travelling alone through so much beauty and dedication, so many diversions and surprises with this good readership in the USA (including Alaska), Australia, Russia, France, Spain, Sweden, UK, and Aotearoa NZ. Please share this blog with anyone who could like it, (thanks again).

Picture at top of page - B & B in Davenport, with my case covered in a sarong from Bora Bora, Tahiti.

Picture below is Amy's Seattle house, a romantic dresser she decorated in The Princess Room, (detail).

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