Thursday, July 4, 2013

100 Days Project

Image from a vintage book, to illustrate Day 28 in my 100 Days Project

Lately, and for many days I'm taking part in this 100 Days Project. Making one creative piece every day and recording it in two places. One place they're available to see, is on this website here. This is my activity so far. What do you think?

I'm also making a file of the work and shall exhibit, with any luck, at the end of 100 Days. Most participants should have their work up too. 'It's going to be huge,' the organisers have said.

My works will be for sale.  They're simply computer print-outs and will be a gold coin or two each, I imagine. Each on an A4 page, in colour. They could be laminated for display or framed as you wish.

It's been a struggle and a joy, while quite a peculiar experience to be so regimented. I do create a great deal of creative work anyway, but I'm finding the more I concentrate on this one task daily, the more I explore its possibilities. The effort is rewarding.

From now on, for a while, I will feature trees in my posts, so I hope you enjoy seeing them. There are already some gorgeous plants featured, which you'll see if you click on that link above.  They're shots of the Auckland Wintergardens, where their glasshouses are a Victorian marvel.

Lovely to hear from you - please do comment and thanks for reading my blog.

One of the Wintergarden photos that illustrates my 100 Days project

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