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While walking this day, Saturday 27 July 2013, out in the world near a place they call Aotea Square, past the swivvling clown heads and merry-go-round a large crowd had gathered. I knew for why. (Yes, I can say, "for why." This is my blog and I have poetic license). Donated dosh to the film-maker who's soon to create a movie about these days of murk and testing. I shall add his name and details to this blog shortly, someone is getting those for me.

So we crowded about after step-waiting and flowing across the main street where traffic stopped by the enormous throng, was diverted away. People, o thousands stood to listen.

Various and glorious friends of the family or friends of the family once-removed, or some who I believe would be friends if we met them, spoke well and long and quite clearly.  They work in law, at media, in education, one had fled and escaped Pinochet, some are so well known to even say their name makes the sky tremble or the air shimmer. No need to say names and really, now with this bill about to become law perhaps we all need new names? There's a thought. Changing into someone else, for the purposes of retaining privacy.

Aha then, so no name-clanging, well except for one, because her quote is so great. 

My notes say this - the extraordinarily prominent lawyer told us that sharing information taken from citizens from wherever a government pleases, is really dangerous. They also asked, "How much surveillance do we want to live with?" There is also the situation, they pointed out, where we're being robbed of the opportunity for debate.  They called the, "...possible one vote majority..." "...a Dunne Deal." An amusing pun but it is however far from that in fact, so I remind readers now, write to your MP and the PM. Tell them you do not want this bill passed. We can change their stance. We have changed their minds on a number of issues already. Politicians do need to hear what you think and say, they're somewhat isolated, get the message to them. 

The MC reminded us that it is extremely rare for a person with the mana, the reputation, the nous of such a wonderful, highly placed lawyer to speak out this way in public. The MC also said every MP voting for this bill should be ashamed of themselves. Correct. They must all drink far too much to have so little conscience, I say, or be on something, surely?

The woman who had escaped the dire regime Pinochet ran said, [Are they] "...threatened by our knowledge? Or our determination to stand up for what is rightfully ours." The crowd roared.

A bystander who it turned out had also been to an exhibition of mine, and knows a relative, said to me that our gov't is "...ever more embarrassing by the day. The Prime Minister is acting in direct violation of every New Zealanders' human rights." 

"1984 is not an instruction manual," Jane Kelsey said, when she took the mic at the protest. She sounded unusually shrill, and I think it must've been from the disbelief and stress of this terrible situation. 

The bystander chatted on occasionally, "My son's told me not to use certain words in emails and things, for years. For ten years." She petted her dog and mused on, " The difference between left and right supporters, I think, well, a lot in life is to do with luck." [The right tend to think luck is nothing to do with their good fortune]. She also pointed out some people have a closed mind.

Open and open and open o minds closed by fear and ignorance, open sesame, (like a cave in a fairy story packed with gems, gold and precious materials), the treasure of knowledge shall be yours.

Write to your MP, I state again, for the purpose of their caring for the people who elected them, who they vowed to serve. We may ask them to vote the way we wish, that's their job. 

If only a few more MPs vote against this bill, we could keep our democratic rights. What are they? They're our arms and legs, they're our body and soul, they're our head and talking freely, they're thoughts, heart, love and keep our democratic rights. Without them what's left?  It's a bleak old future then. Who wants to live in a novel by Frownie Gloom?  Don't google, I made them up, there is no book by such an author and I do not want my life to  turn into such a tale, do you?

No excuse for writing childish, except the entire jagged scary took me back to smaller days. A girl playing in the park and making up stories about goblins. The screepies and jeeblies, they turn into people sometimes. Poor things, these Empees in gummit do they even know they're inhabited by dark supernatural awfulness which could destroy the worldness?

 Ah now though, yes, we've found a way freedom sits. You know and I know people, yes? Not sheeples, but people? Aha. In our ways we'll find good to do, and make it. You watch, and make and talk good now fine, love, yes.  Small is good and kind is best, wherever we may and also, forgiveness of each other because mistakes could be made as usual, ever more so with the stress.

Gather together and speak of what matters. Talk of families, of true friends, of fine plans, concerned and engaged with life, with people around and what they care for, what we hold dear. Let us carry and protect each other well.

The feet, the steps, the walking, standing up for what's best, talking out. A man spoke all the way along. His observations, his rejection of being a part of a machine he said, a huge machine that makes w a r. True, talk and thought and getting together helps undo hard wire fences of platitudes and certainties around. No one knows it all, of course. Nay. Uh o, old-fashioned, must be going back in time for pleasant memories. There's some, o yes, pick a fine one. Keep morale of course. Think on beauty about and within us, or flowers, naturally. Nothing trite you unnerstan'? Seriously, foliage and freshness, petals, sepals, oxygen, the lovely greenaliciousness.

 Now then, where was I?  

Aha, o trekking along Queen Street with a few thousand, and many more at home saying they agreed too. Surprising, a woman told me, her whole book club voted this gov't in but they are against this law being made. She also led a lovely dog, brown and white. Reminded me of ours years ago. Angus, grumpy old thing but he loved me and I him. Sometimes it seems as if beloved animals revisit one, to tell of things good such as warmth and petting. Such a dream, life.

 None of this making any money. I cannot have the ads they want to put on my blog, 'cos they're for dire dreck. But here I am typing with my fingers rather numb, writing for reasons, not moola. I've spent all this time writing this blog because this matters, please spend some of your time also working against this wicked plan. Write to your MP, and the PM.

Reason and decency and sticking together, kids. Let's all be that.

      If you do not know who these are, ask someone, discuss it, then write to them and ask them        not to go this way.

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