Thursday, July 18, 2013

appearing soon - get ready

There is an exhibition at Nathan Homestead I recommend you get along to. Take your sense of humour and be prepared to step into a peculiar sense of...what, I wonder? It'll be up to you.

Painters in the Third Dimension.

I have a performance this evening, 19 July 2013, Friday at TAPAC and also tomorrow evening, 20 July 2013, Saturday. Along with two other writers, I won a nationwide competition. We are performing at Poems for Matariki at TAPAC. So, I shall write the blog about my *screws up face trying to think* unbelievable experiences at Nathan Homestead, *laughs* hopefully by Sunday or Monday.

Meanwhile do get on out there and see the oddities for yourself.  Dare you.

Keep an eye on here too, please. I shall write something more soon, as I said by Sunday or Monday.  With the notes I have in front of me I am thinking acrobatics and mad-cap.

My nails painted in honour of the exhibition, at Nathan Homestead.

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