Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ancient Greeks and Walking

 Surprisingly when I was swept up and along in the wonderful state of friendship I enjoyed in Am er i ca, (recommended, friendship's the best way to see or do almost anything I'd say, since love and care surely appears more readily and isn't that how we best make the world finer)? yes, hmmm, so when I was there and as I am still in that state of connectedness now, (distance does not diminish friendship and in fact may make it stronger,) well, I really wanted to (want to) change my name and be someone else, so I can keep living the dream.

O yes, I wanted to (want to) stay there, so much, and I may need to one day.

No one I knew or met whom I mentioned this desire to, (want to) in the States appeared surprised. They love living there so 'of course you'd want to stay', they seemed to think. However, the only way I could stay at that point was to do so without permission and I don't behave that way, so here I am home again.

Something started well usually ends well. If I do ever live elsewhere it has to start properly. I think the reason I'm so happy here in my place is because getting this house and moving in started out well all those ages ago. I have tried this theory out before in fact, you see.

Well, now let's be fanciful. I love imagining things.

A name that sprung to mind for my new life, (I feel so changed by the journey) was Penelope, which I mentioned as a joke in a way, initially because of Lady Penelope in the Thunderbirds. She's a foreigner in the retro-TVshow amongst Am er icans, (puppets, grand), and rather posh, (some A meri cans find my accent la de da, do not laugh). But then also, I was reminded last night, (after Mandy et al had been out on a farm's wetlands where the birds need culling at times, they actually chased and caught a wild goose, (cooked in milk to be tender) which proves the impossible is possible, ha, a wild goose chase may be bountiful), so yes, I was reminded there by the master painter and print-maker Stanley Palmer about Penelope - 'O yes, she waits,'  he said.  Then he told us how Penelope wove, embroidered and created while she waited for her love to return to her, and undid threads too so she would not be forced into making a decision, kept biding her time.

Penelope lives in ancient Greek legend, portrayed as an age when an eligible woman alone had to have a partner, had to be married if possible. Luckily, even if there are extraordinary pressures still to conform that way, some of us have the choice to stay independent if we wish. We make many lovely things, however we do not undo them to delay making any decisions about our love-lives. Any prevarication on our part is from genuine bewilderment and wonder, possibly. We're perhaps making then unmaking plans for the future in some respects, nevertheless, stepping in time on the spot while many images flash and blink, change and whirl, nothing fixed, not yet.

Need. Love creates a need, it may make another person's presence or attention appear absolutely vital to our well being, love is not a want. Lust is want. When we need another it is love, that's how we tell the true.

Friends in need are friends indeed too.

This morning I looked Penelope up, and there she is from legend where I'd read about her years ago, (I love and yes, need those ancient stories), Penelope who fended off suitors to wait for her true love, Odysseus. She's a symbol of fidelity but also, a puzzle of a woman who is sometimes difficult to fathom or who feels she cannot continue in her resistance and waiting for her true love, so she's tempted by other lovers and other paths, all the while weaving and undoing a piece of work to delay making any decision and in hope Odysseus shall return to her.    

I notice the goddess Athena is blamed for Penelope's dithering and succumbing to 'fanning the ardour of others'. This may be because the storyteller is saying it is wise to behave like a human being and not any idealised version of oneself. Unrealistic expectations create unnatural and dangerous situations otherwise and the goddess of wisdom, Athena is shown in this story as having an influence to maintain Penelope's flawed human self, as best.

Now this is all very well, but what of real life? Hmmm, let's see....

Leap with me if you can spare some minutes, now, can you hear people chanting? 'Aotearoa is not for sale.' Only yesterday chanting in the streets of Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand where an enormous group of thousands of people of all ages and from many backgrounds walked up our main city street. In the spirit of arohanui, love of community, in a pleasant atmosphere of friendship and determination, we walked and sang, we chanted and held our placards, we stated we shall not allow our assets to be taken from us in Aotearoa New Zealand, not now, not tomorrow and not ever, amen.

These are the pix I took, below. I have some links I could add later too and I'm going to mention here that yesterday morning I saw Zero from the Suburban Reptiles being taken away by some young punks, they were all laughing and shouting. Someone mentioned a celebration. This appeared to be as vivid as if it happened in front of my eyes, outside Pack and Save Mt Albert but it may've been a vision. I hope she had a good time anyway, what a stunning woman and talent.  Zero's magical puppet theatre will be at the launch of my Mess of Travelling book in November, so we'll plan to be here at The Happy Tea House, Grey Lynn, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland Aotearoa NZ and we'll see, then o yes we shall, tra la la. I've made four of the complicated, collage and writing pages already and someone at pretendGeniuspress told me they look cool, (thanks), I think they also submit work to this site 

This is the post-apocalyptic age, (thanks James Browning Kepple, Post-apocalyptic Hillbilly and the New face of Punk Rock for so aptly explaining that. O and gorgeous women were looking at your books I showed them the other day by the way). Yes, we're rebuilding the world. It's already looking much better. I may add ribbons.

And yes these photos are blurry, it's a post-post-contemporary-impressionist photo essay.  (Laugh, go on, we deserve lots of those).


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