Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today in Soho - or as I call it Big Grey Lynn

“The best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

               – William Wordsworth

Thanks to Carole for the quote. Friendship is a major result of this project, a re-salted state of preservation for many of us and a re-stated one too since we change and grow. Thanks to everyone helping me out, most appreciated.  I (kind of) promise I shall not travel alone so far again for some time, if ever. Or will I? Maybe I'll have to for some reason, planting trees could become my career. Travel and trees, for the rest of my days, ahhh.

I'm also captivated by the graffiti on this building near here, it has layers of paint and posters, stickers ....

part of a graffitied building with stickers and posters too - Soho NYC

Today in Soho I walked for a while to get a friend's jacket, left at an Italian place last evening accidentally. Since they live in Queens it was too difficult for them to get it today. I am seeing James tomorrow at the, as he puts it,

"Blowout Browning Society, Famous Actors! Actresses! Singers! We're debuting
some of the to be released Browning put to music, can't leak anymore details, 

should be  a hoot ! The National Arts Club will also have a certain kiwi  

Raewyn Alexander in  attendance, whats not to love, 1pm Gramercy Park New Yak,

come and dig the Browning to music!"   

There's a lot in Soho to rave about, the grungy glamour for one thing, then there's 

 just people everywhere. Each appears remarkable, what characters, individuals,

 and all so intent, focused even if relaxed and waiting.  I stumbled across Miss 

Hoe, a designer's shop cnr of Princes St near my hotel, I think it is number two.


I want the Valentines Day Story off the faceberk page for Miss Hoe, if anyone joins 

can they get it for me? It's  about Octobear and Flirty Bunny.   They are there in the 

middle between Sleepy Z Bunny (silver) and Li'l Octo, (Flowery Crab is On the right).

I co-incidentally picked the whole family out of  the range of little toys there. 

Miracles as Wednesday Kennedy says, only last 15 minutes  but hey, it was a fun 

quarter of an hour.  Here's Wed's faceberk page if you want to get lots of lost and 

laughs, with some relentless Oz complaining free and so eloquent with it - love 

her -  https://www.facebook.com/wednesday.kennedy

Yes, Soho New York and I could just stay here forever if I had the money and 

certain people came to visit occasionally, but I only have a week.

Great to walk round with James last evening for food and beer, get an idea of the 

place.  It was city-lit dark, orangish lights, cool evening (not cold) and still. Only a

few people about, I expected more but it has been Easter. I suppose some locals

left town or others didn't work that day, stayed in the 'burbs. Delicious food; Italian

place in Spring Street anyway and then beers at a bar, where I could not help but

wish occasionally I was back in Seattle where Dean took Amy and I to so many fine 

places. That Christmas Pudding beer the best yet, I think. James most amusing

nevertheless, his Cockney when trying to chat up some girls next to us, o how they 

laughed. I loved the evening overall it was delightful. I think some people thought

I was a wanna-be snow leopard too, ha. (Nooo)....

"Please remember the beer comes with water," I tell myself. Love that routine in

AM er i ca. They're always filling your glass with water.  Then one beer, one glass

of water et cetera can keep the evening on a float, not off the boat.

I hope to make it to MOMA day after tomorrow, my Mecca, my my, cannot wait, 


Also, I gather there is a railway station platform made into a park somewhere, here.

Niiice. Be good to see that somehow. Who wants to take me?  I'm in culture shock

with buses and trains, but maybe it's only a taxi fare away?  Google says vertigo

does not happen there at Line Park due to beauty and kindness-


x o m

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