Friday, April 6, 2012

More Chicago and the Vid is too Big

Okay I have pushed the Paranoia Beast back into its steel box, yay. It won't get through any of the checks from now on, I'd say. Hopefully it'll turn into a bunny in there and someone will sense cuteness then take it out and give it a good home, I think that's the most likely scenario. (Aaand no, a certain someone who knows who they are, this is not a reason to start writing horror films about bunny mayhem, thank-you. Although, Attack of the Killer Bunnies could be a good thing)?

Yesterday, Nigel old-friend, my-first-publisher and IT whiz had great fun with my idea the hotel could be blocking my video upload, o yes, chuckle chuckle. But he seemed to forget I put 'maybe' and 'we'll see', so it's possible he needs some reading lessons. I must ask his wife if she agrees with me, he may need spectacles. Ha.

Okay, update on the tra la, the video is too big. So I have put it in a zip file which Nigel also seems to think is not going to work, I'm trying it anyway. (It did not work, so he's correct sometimes).
Otherwise I have to have an Iowa Part One and an Iowa Part Two, (that bluddy Julie Payne et al made me love the place so much I made double-triple sized much more film and sound).  Or I can edit the soundtrack and the film and make it ten minutes for youtube, except it is seventeen yes, 17, minutes long so what has to go?  Every bit of it is staying, if possible even the Brando-esque mumbling.

Is this an epic film-making thing which could take a year? Possibly. I think making the Iowa iMovie half and half is best, *sigh* it's got sound effects and fades which will be a pain to do again piece by piece, but o well I have to have something to work on when I get home, I guess. I can cut the audio in half after making two files of it, then put one half on the beginning images and the other on the rest, add all the sound effects and that and well, you may see this video yet.

Meanwhile, here is the dictated poem, (yes, I talk to the 'puter and it records what it thinks I say), this is it in rough edit form, which just shows you how raggedy things are to start with, doesn't it? You may go ahead and think me crazy if you like at this point, (what else is new)?

The first line is more or less from a Billy Brag song, I sing this in fact three times like someone does to themselves as they're walking about the garden or something, but there is only one line printed here as Dictate thought it should be, " When your world falls apart something stays in place," I sing the line as I said which I've not tried with the Dictate software before. The Dictate 'listening then writing' made quite a strange arrangement of those words, I think.

I have also split this into something like paragraphs, so it is easier to read. Good luck. (And also, Julie, Bert and Dana et al, this proves I have started work on your poem and you were certainly impressive there in Iowa where people say no one goes, I think it could be one of Am e r i ca's best kept secrets, your city generally and that Davenport neighbourhood. Ha).

ROUGH DRAFT - first copy of dictated poem (using Dictate software)
for Iowa, somewhat for Seattle and also everyone else involved
(wish this was more gooder better grrr, and just nobody be mean to me today about this blog - ha)

-----------------------------------ROUGH DRAFT STARTS__________________________

Queen Miller world falls apart son Dean Davies said today he is weighing your were more for laws of Power some 13 steadies plan you use a new alarm foils are still who must share use in the landing and lean concrete and mind great dependability of the great white payloads of America 

then my suitcase and a window and men assisted me with genuine and artist who runs a bed and breakfast took me to Devonport smalltown America on the edge of all those tall buildings we visited another time I suppose except it's now and one shop sales crystals and essential oils alternative medicines by another is full of every kind of soap and the daily has an upstairs room where men talk about many different countries and I sat in the corner and chew a three-page letter on the pages of a health magazine at night Davenport takes on the appearance of a Western film at a particular point by a wall I have photographs to prove this 

affair are no posts near in the Buffalo Bill Museum in the clear the ghosts watched us arrive till the end I they spoke amongst themselves not unkindly imparted as if they knew will enjoy a welcoming committee the man behind the counter told me delighted with his hands behind his head the place was started by a group of local women and almost everything in the is donated Julie told me about writing that gives the address over and over and over for the way they have in school sometimes when they think were the boredom could assist us the lonely blessed with the curse of talent who rarely find each other from good old chinwag anywhere that the fire engine is well kept 

10 I have to say I know now what has in her car looks like a sleek red machine with this fabulous chrome wheels and original white upholstery while behind it and American muscle car and perch reach the engine to prove it worked so it has something to remember that I like the photograph of him with his daughter Gaynor perhaps more 

the bed and breakfast like walking through a painting each room had different colour with white trim all the chairs and tables and decorations placed a human enjoyment and life while the dogs don't park unless they're not sure and then a recently quoted to win a think of him there by all those trees and squirrels on the hell I can hear her voice so kind and tearful the genuine concern 

perhaps that Princess and the people you'd makes me some kind of vehicle for a tiara I'm not sure that such a huge sky via and Iowa—Andy's abject heaven remember women on the side is squeezed it into yours and I squeezed mine and mine and we talked and planned and you got the last talisman my daughter made me numbered sheets shaped three of him one left in Hawaii with Ian Kennedy the last one with you and the second one a kind of secret I suppose because with luck it is best not to tail too much 

we went to grasshoppers with their purple Lions the crowds and centred here below those third ghost S a range of wine in bottles dressed at fashion models I've never had chocolate and wine before 

how can I tell anyone about Joe and how she gave me violets when we met which I had to give back later to her granddaughter were not allowed to take seeds or plant material home that violets were every where care they grow in the grass at Veronica and the gals with all those children played under the swing set dots of people in the green and trees everywhere enormous skyscrapers Maple vivax in Bloom 

I'm going what I remember as if walking through my memory museum without stopping to long anywhere because Iowa made me liked and everything easier without the people involved somehow I have two mention the light and I heard a woodpecker one-day walking back up the hill from my sandwich 

Geordies brother Bob has man cave full of smoke and music are thousands and thousands of files in his library on a huge screen we trekked through and he played a few I don't know Hendrix's over the rainbow the someone gave me a clue to a team in Seattle I'm quoting Hendrix sometime later and here I am all over the place as usual with more smiling 

thinking of Julie and Bert with the plans and the ceiling and awaiting Chinese maple between the garage and house deep create and how it sits on that chair to watch the sunset each day through all those trees at the back of the garage I liked the brown and black and concrete of it tidy a working place 

then music in a tavern we parked behind a place to store it with a veranda on the second floor and a saloon sign hanging down walked along an alley and set where we called backstage a table beside the band in full view of the others I wrote to you and demanded attention since this was where the music started 

later on the train thanks fan of the ride after the gales the railway station blues I dozed and prayed for a woman scarcely dressed who sounded determined that two alone and belligerent felt glad when she calmed down 

saw 28 mesh file off the carriage men women and children in the newest clothes plain blue dark blue and black and white a small boy and a straw vote with a red band about it I suppose so if he ran away and see him in a crowd more easily practical nature of farmers 

I could go on but I'm only allowed to sit through a second time and talk even less none of this enough to show my gratitude I have to become as big as that sky and rolling land the corn stubble some of that black and burnt those trees are pretty leaves the spring 

lines of white windmills in Illinois neighbouring 

I don't know I just love you thank you and have to say to come back here like to convert wonder if

----------------------------------ROUGH DRAFT ENDS________________________

Somewhat inspired by mean confession - Dean Strom (pretendGenius press) which I've reviewed and that could appear soon, shall let you know. Thanks for reading. 

Lovely day here in Chicago and today I meet Laura Lee, another writer I've known online for around 12 years, a fine person, a teacher too and we're going to see art galore like we're in some fabulous musical.

Also, Nigel Rowe wonder of the computer world (thanks) has some of the movie footage off my camera so I can put selected pieces online later, featuring Seattle and some of San Francisco, (hi Adam).