Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One tree, it's a start - Yellow Rose Climber

Tree planted, (see below) - Alameda, San Francisco Bay Area where I started my mainland American poeticjourney visiting my friends and promoting Trees for Travel.  I bought this lovely yellow tea rose climber for Adam Gillitt, (of http://www.gillico.com/) on a rainy day, the last day I was there. Just around the corner it was, at their local shops. We had the whole garden centre to ourselves.

This yellow tea rose reminds me of one my grandmother planted at their property, 71 Braid Road when it was all one section and had an orchard down the back to a trellis with various climbers on it. I loved the colour and the tiny shape of the flowers. My grandmother planted many trees and plants, including a whole avenue of them down the private road that led to their place and other properties there in Hamilton. She and my aunts were inveterate gardeners and so was my mother, now I am the same. I also have a yellow rose made of resin, (1950s) on a chain, from a Seattle thrift shop, (I love foreign op, good way to give to local charities and to see what people discard, which is still useful, in that area). The yellow rose attached to my jacket reminds me of my two friends there. First, Amy Tucker who wrote this, http://denversyntax.com/issue4/issue4/fiction/muldoon/ghost.html
and we want her to write a collection, (I hope she's started already, just quietly), and Dean Strom who's my favourite extremely annoying best friend forever, o the arguments and ridiculousness. His latest book I review soon on Amazon, if pretendGeniusPress ever get his book on there, I suppose.  Or maybe it's already up? This book of his on the link below I enjoyed too, but Strom's work is not for the squeamish or anyone who thinks all art should be 'nice' - http://www.deanstrom.com/

Yes, a tree bought and planted at last. This fine speciman, below shall grow into an enormous climber. Over an archway perhaps Adam? It is a symbol of renewal in a garden, an archway. I have one in mine. If anyone at home in NZ btw would like a tree in their garden, I'd love to plant one 'for' the people who turned down my offer of a tree, these fine friends met online most of them 12 years ago, in America. Strange, maybe offering to plant a tree for folk is really odd here? 

So anyway, if any of you who I know in NZ want a fruit tree or other specimen let me know, then I will get it planted and in my mind dedicate each one to a place here in the States, where I stayed.  If you like I can tell you where that place was, I have some fine stories to tell believe me. Then we can have lunch or dinner, and enjoy a day or afternoon sometime? This is an art project, it is all being documented and will feature in a book eventually which will be sold. This in turn should encourage others to plant trees for travel.

I love the idea we are growing good things together, in some way. I will also be buying trees for South Australia to cover the carbon for this trip.  They need them. Go ahead and buy some yourself, it's a lovely way to keep the world good and healthy. The tree to the side of this blog, click on that and it goes to a google search re Trees for Travel, choose one or just plant trees locally with proper care and attention.

Awww, lookit thaaat. Sweet. Great job Adam did with his friends Tom and Giselle.

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