Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Galesburg Railway Station Blues

Nigel Rowe my history buff friend in Chicago, (who could be a wonderful tour guide for select groups), tells me btw that Galesburg, Illinois is going to be the site of the new railway museum.  The station itself is gorgeous, vintage, worth a visit.

O an' Dana if you see this, they take your ticket on the platform when you get on the train, for future reference.  Hope you do make that trip to this city some time, it's a toddle. Be good practise for you then travelling over to see me in NZ, (which is almost nothing like Chicago at all, ha).


Galesburg Railway Station Blues 
                         by Dana Williams and Raewyn Alexander

One more hour til the blessed train 
uh huh
Air conditioning's hummin' a drone
But we're not goin' nowhere yet

Thought we'd be wise to get there early
Then writers' block kicked in to the story
So we can't imagine or create a fun disaster

To make the time go faster
That blasted train to Chicago better glide in soon
Or we'll need more than sticking plaster

For this injury to our dignity
Here in a place we could get pernickity
us world travellers gotta move on 

Get rid of these Galesburg
Train Station


We were not really annoyed but it was a fine way to spend the extra time, partly, doin' a bit a writin'. We sat in the sun too for a while. I found Nabokov's Ada on the 'take a book, leave a book' shelf, (brilliant), read some of that aloud, then I read aloud some of Dana's book and she laughed at my silly voices.  I admired the oak pew-like (but sooo comfy) purpose-built seats there. The floor was paved with red brick. 

Oddly enough, later on some dogs arrived with po lice and well, I did wonder if they thought we were y'know doing something we should not, all the giggling and so on. Now, I want all of you to know I am naturally insane this is not a substance-induced behaviour, *smiles*

An eagle circled the sky before we left and it reminded me some are keeping an eagle-eye on me, in the best possible ways. x


  1. My Cherokee connection tells me to inform you the eagle is a messenger between the earth and spirit world. When an eagle swoons you in peace he is letting you know your spirit guides are guarding you in your journey and is willing to deliver a message in return.