Thursday, April 5, 2012


Chicago - Looking Up  
                     -they're scraping the sky

likely to dream out the window
men here demand attention
not for long but enough

the lake's high water behind the park view
fourth floor someone could remember what backwards is for
like today
messages crumble
a wash of commands
tea breaks are for august

anything too difficult now
the highest achievement
long distance decency


This little film I've just made is not meant to be exactly audible all the time, nor exactly understood or exactly the answer anyone's looking for but it's the best possible tribute to Iowa where I've just been and so on, before I escape to the Art Institute and some refueling, (they have lions outside, it's just along the road).  However the hotel internet will not let me load it for some reason, or maybe this blog site. So I shall make a smaller version later to see if that will fit on here, *sigh*, it took ages and I thought I'd get it up right now, o well.

I suspect the hotel thinks the video could be well... they seem not to really get what on earth I am doing, maybe someone could just ask me but o no, no one has there's just been some odd looks and so on. This middle-aged writer from NZ is posting a response to travelling in this fine country and yet, somehow this is being blocked?

Maybe. I guess we'll see. I shall ask them at the desk when I go to the Art Institute. Okay, off for a walk.


  1. excuse me while I kiss the sky

    1. hmmm, i must plant that tree for jimi somewhere high. so it's even closer to the sky it kisses.